About Us

In February of 1958, Leon and Gertrude Flanders founded Ware Provision Company in Waycross, Georgia. The company began as a small family-owned enterprise with one 4′ x 6′ smokehouse and a small cooler. It first opened its doors on the same plot of land in Waycross that Flanders occupies today. The majority of Mr. and Mrs. Flanders’ early customers were small grocery stores who resold their delicious fresh and smoked pork products. In 1961, Ware Provision invested in a small beef patty machine. A short time later in 1962, Ware Provision Company changed its name to Flanders Provision Company. Before long, Flanders Provision was widely considered to produce the best beef patty on the market. A great value product, along with the best possible customer service, became the company’s motto.

The Flanders Provision Company, LLC is currently engaged in the production, sale and distribution of frozen beef patties under the brands Flanders Beef Patties (including the new Sweet Onion Patty), Flanders Bun Buster and the Grill Master Beef Patty.

The Flanders Provision Company, LLC products are distributed and sold in forty-eight states throughout the United States, from small to large grocery retailers. The Flanders brand continues to be one of the top-selling value products in the country. Flanders’ success has allowed us to expand the facility and grow the product line to better serve every consumer.

In 2017, with popularity came growth, and with growth came the need to move to a larger, state-of-the-art facility in Hastings, Nebraska.